Canva is an online graphic design and publishing platform that provides a wide variety of design tools to help people create their own content easily and without the need for design experience.

The tool features a series of templates created by professionals, which allow users to develop all types of visual content, such as images and videos for social media, presentations, infographics, posters, CVs, among others.

Target Audience

All people (with or without design experience) looking for online creative tools to produce visual content.


  • Allows anyone, with or without design experience, to create content intuitively
  • Create simple and effective solutions for all kinds of projects (including the most complex ones)
  • Inspire young creatives to develop their own content by presenting projects designed by professionals
  • Develop tools that foster users’ autonomy and awaken their creative sense

Skills developed

  • Creativity and visual sensibility
  • Digital skills in the creative area
  • Autonomy when creating visual content
  • Graphic design

Why is it a good practice in the digital area?

The interactivity of the site makes Canva a great example in the area of digital dissemination. Not only can it be used from anywhere in the world – through the website or mobile app – but it also offers simple and fast solutions to create digital content without the need for design skills. 

In a pragmatic way, Canva provides a wide gallery of templates created by professionals, which can be customized according to the needs of each user. These designs can also be used as a source of inspiration, allowing people to create their own templates. 

The platform also includes other complementary services such as free image and video stocks. This addition allows users to easily access images, graphics, illustrations or videos and use them directly on the platform, without having to check other websites, which is a great help for people who are not used to the concepts of image banks.

In addition to all this, Canva allows users to create a free personal account to save and share their designs. Sharing can be done directly to social media platforms or privately using a link. This allows the user to share their project with co-workers or their team, making it easy for more than one person/device to edit the same project simultaneously.

Training Team

  • People with experience in the digital area that ensure the good functioning of the website
  • People with experience in the creative area that idealize and create the content for the platform

Promoting Organization


Starting Year


Prizes/ recognition received

  • Winner of the mid-stage category in the Enterprise Tech 30 in 2019
  • Winner of the Google Play Award in 2019
  • Winner of the Great Place to Work Award in 2019 (Australia)

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