Digital tools and tips for Youth Workers active in creative and cultural areas

Why do we need to go digital?


This Digital Training Kit is a set of training resources in the form of good practices, guidelines, tools and tips on how Trainers and Youth Workers active in the creative and cultural areas can manage their training activities and educational services under a virtual approach. The goal is to make the most out of the different digital tools available to make children and teenagers engage in a more meaningful way, using them to support the process of learning and competence-building. 

Purpose of the Digital Training Kit: 

Some digital tools can make activities for youth more accessible, fun, challenging and engaging. The goal of this training kit is to help Trainers and Youth Workers to digitize their activities, always having in mind fundamental concerns like accessibility, attractiveness and responsibility. With this tools you will receive useful insights and ideas on how to:

To sum up, this Digital Training Kit aims to share good digital practices that can be applied by trainers/youth workers or inspire them in their work on the culture and creative sector, leading to the improvement of practices and innovation within the European youth work community by sharing knowledge and resources. 

How can we go digital? 

The Digital Training Kit is divided in 6 areas: Online events and software tools, Audiovisual materials/tools, Music digitalisation, Virtual reality and gaming, Dissemination and Socially responsible digitalisation. Before selecting your digital approach, it is important to ask the following questions:

Inside each topic you will find case studies and tools that will help you to improve your work and expertise in order to achieve an effective and meaningful digital approach in the creative and cultural sectors.  

For more useful information about Digital Tools and their impact, check the following presentation developed by CEPS Projectes Socials, full of guidelines and tips about this topic:

We hope this Digital Training Kit was useful for you!

For more and always updated information about youth work and Digital Resources, check the page Smart and digital youth work resources: where to find more, published by Coyote Magazine (partnership between the European Commission and Council of Europe in the field of youth), that gathers information about the different corners and overlaps of youth work practice, policy and research.