Casa Fernando Pessoa


Casa Fernando Pessoa is a museum dedicated to Fernando Pessoa, one of the most known Portuguese writers. It has an exhibition on three floors about the poet’s life and work and a library specialized in world poetry. This museum is prepared to receive people with several specific necessities. All the building is adapt in terms of accessibility to guarantee a safe and comfortable visit for people with different physical impairments and SLD, being a space where the following good practices are present:

  • Public parking space reserved for impaired persons.
  • The entrance doesn’t have stairs or steps, the access is now possible via a ramp, with handrail and landings (resting levels), where people can rest on their way up or down.
  • Most of their team members have been given training for welcoming and attending people with specific needs.
  • The building has a lift and an accessible toilet for disabled persons. They also have a wheelchair in the reception that is available for use whenever necessary.
  • The circulation areas, including the exhibition spaces, have tactile walking surfaces. In the exhibition, information is provided in braille and other tactile materials.
  • Interpretation is provided in Portuguese Sign Language in the exhibition’s audio-visual features.
  • Regular programme with audio description, interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language, full visits in Portuguese Sign Language with Deaf mediators and Relaxed Sessions, with a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with more tolerance as regards movement and noise in the exhibition rooms. They also have on their website and at the museum a Pictographic Guide to support the visit.

Area of accessibility

Physical and intellectual

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

Accessibility practices at Casa Fernando Pessoa are good practices because they consider several necessities that the visitors can have. They think of the experience of visiting or going to an activity in Casa Fernando Pessoa as a whole: beginning with where the visitor parks and the access to the building, to the visit itself and experience within the space. When organizing a training activity, workshop or event, it is very important to guarantee we chose a space where the necessities of all the participants are respected. It is equally important guaranteeing that the activities respect the physical and intellectual conditions of each person, adapting them with specific materials that can improve the experience for everyone, ensuring equity among participants.The accessibility practices at Casa Fernando Pessoa can be used as a list of concerns and goals every Youth Worker should guarantee when preparing an activity. 

Promoting Organization

Casa Fernando Pessoa (Lisbon, Portugal)