Cinephone kids


Cinephone Kids is born from the commitment of Cinephone Film Festival in collaboration with town halls, schools and institutes so that students can train and prepare themselves in audiovisual communication.

Through courses and workshops, students acquire different knowledge and skills on the audiovisual language, reaching to be able to make a short film from scratch with mobile phone. Each of the children learns to be directors, writers, light specialists, actors and actresses, editors, etc.

Target Audience

From fifth and sixth graders and onwards.


Developing skills and experience in:

  • Writing
  • Directing
  • Lighting
  • Acting
  • Filming
  • Sound recording
  • Post producing for audiovisual products and audiovisual communication

Skills developed

  • Storytelling
  • Group work
  • Collaborative reflection
  • Audiovisuals skills (ideation, writing, filming, editing, sound, postproduction, etc.)

Why is it a good practice in the visual area?

The use of a smartphones as a medium of expression is the creative key of the project. Through a device that everybody has or which is very simple to acquire the participants learns how to deal with audiovisual communication, learning concepts, roles, workflows, techniques in all the fields of the audiovisual domain. By having a glance of all of the workflow involved, from writing to post production, kids can experiment a lot of knowledge all embedded in one complete experience, and eventually choose to go deep in one or more topics of their own interest even for a possible future work path.

Another plus of the project is the group didactic model which develops group work skills and has to consider and orchestrate all the personalities involved, thus becoming a social and educational environnement experience for kids, developing social skills, aside with technicals fundamentals and poetical skills that encompass all the audiovisual production and communication workflow.

Training team

  • Coordinator
  • Various experts in the fields of interest (in this original form proposed by the festival itself)

Duration proposed

12-hour workshops divided into 3 main 4-hour blocks.

Day 1 – Theory: Introduction and preparation (4 hours)
Day 2 – Filming: Preparation and recording (4 hours)
Day 3 – Postproduction (4 hours)

Promoting Organization

Cinephone Film Festival

Starting Year


Prizes / recognition received

Selected as Good Practice in the field of New Technologies, for this reason it has been included in the Banc of Bones Pràctiques of local governments, endorsed by the Fundació Pi i Sunyer and the Federació de Municipis de Catalunya.

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