Cluster Sfom Summer Camp


The course takes place during the summer, between August and September, has a duration of 7 days and is aimed at both Sfom (Scuola di Formazione e Orientamento Musicale) students and external students / musicians. The course is divided into lessons, instrument sections and orchestral rehearsals. The goal is to create an impromptu orchestra through which the members can live a transversal experience, in which music and all artistic expressions are involved, such as drawing, cinema, movement and others.

Each year, important artists from the national and international scene are invited, and lead the creation of an unprecedented show in which all students participate. In particular, the music (any style of music) is written or arranged by the artistic directors who are hosted every year. In addition, the course takes place in mountain tourist resorts of the Aosta Valley in close contact with nature and includes excursions by expert alpine guides.

Target Audience

Students and musicians of all levels and all styles of music, from 8 to 99 years old.

Why is it a good practice in the creative area?

All students have the task of actively participating in the creation of the show, through individual and orchestral lessons, improvisation and composition activities (followed by the teachers of the school). In addition, concerts by guest musicians and artists, conferences, meetings with mountain guides and expert naturalists are organized at the same time. All this takes place in a residential form, in which members (including the famous guests which are invited to perform) meet in shared spaces, generating a playful and creative atmosphere.


Everyone participates and collaborates during the week (but also in the period preceding the Summer Camp) in the creation of a completely new show, not only for the students but for the experts themselves, for whom an open mind is required to welcome the challenge!


The main objective is to make all members, regardless of age and instrumental level, live a unique experience, through the creation of an orchestra and an unprecedented repertoire with the support of the guest artists, in which all the arts, not just music, take on a decisive formative role.

All this takes shape in a unique naturalistic context in which all participants develop a strong bond with the surrounding nature.

There are two final shows, plus the possibility of repeating the show during the year following the course.

Skills developed

The skills developed can relate to various aspects and areas: 

  • instrumental skills
  • orchestral musical experience
  • improvisation and guided composition
  • the relationship between music and art forms in general
  • human relations
  • relationship and respect for nature


The Sfom Summer Camp Cluster involves several teachers, a renowned musical artistic director, different artists (actors, designers, dancers …), alpine guides and naturalists.  

Duration proposed

7 days, in addition to a preparatory phase that involves all the actors.

Starting Year


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