EduMath Vallée was founded in 2015 as a research-action group to respond to the need for discussion and training of the Aosta Valley teachers in kindergartens and primary schools. The project starts in 2013 with the name of “Question of numbers” and is supported by the Resource Center for Mathematics of the Valle d’Aosta Region based at the “Unité des Communes Mont Rose A” School of Pont-Saint -Martin, focusing his attention on children with difficulty and SEN, mainly in the domain of arithmetic.

Area of accessibility

Specific Learning Disorders (SLD)

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

EduMath Vallée is a project that has contributed to the improvement of mathematics teaching in the Aosta Valley with a view to inclusion and support for learning by simultaneously developing research and experimentation with innovative techniques that make extensive use of modern devices.

The researchers aim to build a community of practice and research in which teachers and experts work collaboratively both to outline key elements that can develop and support inclusive and mathematical teaching, and to promote the professional growth of all figures involved in order to achieve the construction of a repertoire of experiences and good practices for the teaching-learning of some mathematical concepts.

This project uses the online environment with great skill for sharing materials, good practices and educational paths.

He took part in several national and international conferences in which he was invited to present his works and publications: GeoGebra Italian day, 2014, CIEAEM 67, 2015, DI.FI.MA 2017, CERME 10, 2017, CIEAEM69, 2017, PME42 , 2018, POEM, 2018, Meetings with Mathematics 32, 34.

Edumath Vallée is part of the European SMiLD Project (Focus on Students with Mathematics Learning Disabilities) funded by the European Commission through the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus + program.


Superintendence of Studies in the Aosta Valley Autonomous Region assisted by a team of teachers and researchers.