GiocAosta is, since 2009, the festival of intelligent play in Aosta Valley. It is a collective construction site, where many different passions meet and offer themselves to many thousands of participants. Each game finds its space in Chanoux Square, the heart of Aosta, which is transformed into the place where anyone can play. The whole city, throughout the week in which the event takes place, is interested and involved in games of all kinds: board, role-playing, escape rooms…. impossible not to be overwhelmed!

Area of accessibility

Personal motivation

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

GiocAosta is a great collective party that brings together thousands of people from all over Italy united by the desire to play and get involved. For a week (generally around mid-August) all areas of the city are affected by this cheerful tsunami, even the most marginal and decentralized: this aspect is very important because it also involves young people who live in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods by integrating them into a common project. In the organization of this event are interested individuals of all ages and social classes whose goal is to improve the success of the event from year to year. Everyone makes their own contribution according to their personal skills and does so with the enthusiasm that distinguishes those who feel part of a great design and live it entirely.

GiocAosta is an example of good practice in Personal Motivation, also through the use of innovative communication tools with citizens and young people at risk. An example is the interactive use of facebook through which the board of the association is constantly in contact with the public by dispensing advice for the purchase of smart games or simply by talking to those who, once the event is over, feel like they are again  lonely and marginalized.


Aosta Jacta Est (Association) in collaboration with the City of Aosta, the Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley and the CRT Foundation.

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