Beyond the large forums on the digital transformation of culture, from large platforms or museums, institutions, and national cultural centers, #IdeasDigitales give value to all the tools, alliaces, applications, and innovative digital strategies that cultural agents and organizations of the cultural fabric, on a small scale and independently, are contributing to the new digital world.

IdeasDigitales is a channel from which to map, learn and find digital tools, work processes, and ways to innovate. A space from which to share the knowledge generated by heterogeneous, inclusive, transdisciplinary cultural projects that create social, local, and environmental impact. 

The project wants to encourage and activate communities of creators in Barcelona and Madrid that promote new forms of cultural consumption. In addition, it aims to present digital tools that are likely to be systematized, replicated, and scaled also at international level by providing the english version of the platform.

Target Audience

Cultural agents and organizations of the cultural fabric, on a small and independent scale.


IdeasDigitales is born to promote good practices, digital strategies, and tools, which creatively and with a low budget, are allowing to adapt to the new times. It is a meeting space at the service of the community of cultural agents who are trying to survive in this digital world and are looking for places of care.

IdeasDigitales focuses on cultural agents or practices that:

  • Are not focused on the development of technologies.
  • Participate in these digital networks in a more conscious and responsible manner.
  • Ask themselves questions related to how to share and distribute knowledge from a logic that is more conscious and responsible.
  • Propose new narratives, languages, narratives, infrastructures and cultural codes of cultural production..
  • They stand for the possibility of creating new sustainable structures where life is possible, redrawing industries and building new networks with a feminist perspective.
  • They promote technological sovereignty and the capacity of agents to decide on the data they generate, where it is stored and how it is distributed.
  • They approach the search for solutions in collaboration with different agents, collectively, understanding the territories and the communities that inhabit them

They are transformative proposals that are thought from the physical-digital hybridisation, building bridges between physical environments and virtuality.

Skills developed

  • Digital skills in the cultural sector
  • Improvement of work processes in cultural field
  • Innovative ways to face digital transformation

Why is it a good practice in the digital area?

IdeasDigitales incourages and activates communities of creators that promote new forms of cultural consumption. In addition, it aims to present digital tools that are likely to be systematized, replicated, and scaled.  

The Explorer section of IdeasDigitales is structured in four categories:

  • Strategies: Profiles of projects that make use of various digital tools to expand the spaces of consumption and circulation of cultural content, democratizing access to cultural capital and promoting the use of free technologies and resources.
  • Learn from the best: Conferences, round tables, master classes, workshops, and collaborative environments. Here you can access videos and downloadable resources that feed the development of digital skills in the cultural sector.

  • Ecosystem: Profiles of collectives, organizations, and institutions that think about digital content and environments, promoting the development of a transparent, inclusive, creative, free, and innovative ecosystem.

  • Cultural Hackers: Profiles of creators, managers, cultural mediators, academics, and activists who in their practice incorporate different digital tools and promote collective, disruptive, and innovative ways of positioning themselves amid the digital transformation.

Training Team

One trainer/facilitator showing the different function of the platform in a workshop test format.

Duration proposed

One hour and half with questions.

Prizes / recognition received

The conferences in Barcelona were made possible thanks to the Ministry of Culture. The team is currently working on Ideas Digitales Cataluña thanks to the support of the City Council.

Starting Year


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