LIM - Less Is More


LIM is a project launched by “le Groupe Ouest” in which the “production limitations” (budget limitation, logistic limitations, etc..) are re-worked, re-invented and treated to be used as a ”tool”. LIM spirit and ambition far exceed the idea of restricting budgets. Indeed, self-imposed limitations help dig deep into character and emotion, they are a catalyst for wall-breaking film-experiences. In this way, clever limitation strategies help bring out a filmmaker’s unique imprint, giving his or her work a strong advantage in an overcrowded market. Furthermore, introducing limitations early in the writing processes multiplies a film’s chances of being shot soon. The job of a screenwriter is thus to streamline apparent complexity. This apparent “limitation” triggers strong formal choices that can lead to freshness and a new kind of creativity freedom which goes outside the ”usuals” paths for filmmaking. LIM’s Scheme is composed of three main workshops:
  • LIM Annual Training Programme (Development Booster): three workshops organized during the year for 16 feature film projects & 12 “Development angels” (film professionals interested to develop their competences)
  • LIM Pre-writing workshops (Creativity Booster): tailor-made workshops for domestic talents (cinema, TV, video games, etc.) within each partner’s country.
  • LIM MEET: booster of International collaborations.

Target Audience

Young filmmakers and film writers


  • Triggering Creativity by working on self imposed limitations in film creation
  • Develop a new approach to problem solving

Skills developed

  • Problem solving and creative thinking
  • Storytelling improvement
  • Discovering new financial approaches at filmmaking

Why is it a good practice in the creative area?

TLIM is changing the paradigm and taking a new and fresh perspective on the production workflow. This approach triggers creativity in a very meaningful way, leading participants to new production approaches, hence a new way of thinking about the film itself. This kind of approach is important for a young filmmaker as it will enhance the possibility of a film to be shot at the end, and it also creates an important experience of a different film workflow for the future of a filmmaker career.  

Training Team

A team of experts in different areas which can assist and review the different aspects of the movie.

Duration proposed

One year program composed by 3 dedicated workshops.

Promoting Organization

LIM | Less is More is supported by Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union, led by Le Groupe Ouest (France), developed with Control N (Romania), Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds – VAF (Belgium), and Krakow Festival Office – KBF (Poland), in partnership with the Lithuanian Film Centre, the Norwegian Film Institute, Région Bretagne (France), as well as Screen Scotland (UK) and Focal (Switzerland).

Starting Year


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