Mutants Project


Through different artistic languages, the project explores the “I”, the “other” and the “we”, showing that each “me” is the result of a multiplicity of factors in constant construction, a continuous dialogue between genetic and family heritages and the influences of the environment (time, space, culture), between what we are and how others see us. 

In a world in constant renewal and change, Comédias do Minho proposes the Mutants Project as an artistic experience capable of contributing to the construction of the identity, individual and collective, of young adolescents at risk of exclusion or socially disadvantaged in Alto Minho. Through the coexistence and the approach to the arts, participants stimulate and develop their creative, imaginative, social and human skills, helping in the construction of an individual, but also collective identity.

The project is essentially divided into 3 workshop cycles: Mutant Holidays (seasonal workshops held during school vacations), Mutants (annual workshops held throughout the school year 2021/22), and Mutant Route (training workshops aimed especially at professionals who are in direct contact with young people: teachers, mediators, and other interested people).

Area of accessibility

Motivational and social / economic

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

The intention of this program is to focus on each of the ten municipalities, working with a group of youth at risk of social exclusion or socially disadvantaged (institutionalized, in schools, etc.), adolescents with different social backgrounds who do not always have the motivation to explore their artistic self. The goal of the project is to bring together these groups of young people, stimulating their artistic and creative spirit and motivating them to feel integrated in culture and in the world of arts.

The young people who constitute the project’s target audience have the unique opportunity to experience the performing arts, as a personal and collective manifestation, and integrate an environment conducive to the creation and artistic process, in order to stimulate their curiosity and interest in the search for new refreshing/revolutionary artistic languages. The project aims to promote an interaction between young people with different life experiences and backgrounds, hoping that this interaction will motivate the participants to together develop artistic and creative projects in the cultural area.

In this way, the project promotes art education as a fundamental piece for the absolute creation of the human being, stimulating creativity and encouraging curiosity, through the approach to multiple experiences. The project aims to create and reinforce new social relationships and foster social cohesion as cultural diversity and collaboration between different agents, with the goal of making art and cultural production accessible to all. 

Promoting Organization

   Comédias do Minho

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