OBS - Open Broadcast Software


OBS is a free and open source software for managing and streaming audiovisuals sources and materials, useful for creating audiovisuals ecosystems for recording or streaming in realtime to every web platform.

It could be useful even at a “local” level, using the software as a directing tool in which you can organize scenes and transitions making presentations or digital scenography appealing and easy. 

Target Audience

Everyone who has the need to record, connect, organize, broadcast and live stream audiovisual sources and materials


Facilitate and multiply ways of connecting different audiovisual sources into an integrated all in one tool.

Skills developed

  • Audiovisual content management
  • Audiovisual content streaming and broadcasting
  • Collaborative behaviors and group work
  • Studio directing skills and practices

Why is it a good practice in the digital area?

It is a free open source digital environment that can multiply and expand creative possibilities in every cultural or didactic project. It can be used  in a creative way and beyond it’s main purpose to create appealing and creative audiovisuals ecosystems, connecting multiple audiovisual sources (video, audio, web, powerpoint, text, webcams, external sources, among others), as well as a powerful tool to connect and spread live or recorded acts and materials over the web, or just to record a performance.

It is also a cross platform (win, mac, linux – it is able to be used on different types of computers or with different software packages). 

Training Team

1-2 Facilitators (depending on the number of participants)  with some basic expertise on the tool.

Suggestion: We suggest to start exploring the software following the guidelines on OBS official website

Duration proposed

Depending on the activity

Promoting Organization

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Here’s an example tutorial that covers the software. Due to the popularity and professional features of the software, there are several resources available online.