OMG Cameras Everywhere


OMG Cameras Everywhere is a week-long camp that gives children the chance to pick up cameras and make music videos and short films with some exciting local up and coming bands. The project hosts free artistic workshops for kids to provide them a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with filmmakers, musicians and artists.

In this project kids learn about the basics of filmmaking and receive hands-on experience through group sessions covering areas such as writing, working with cameras, creating special effects, creating sets, stunts, editing, and much more.

This project is about learning to be creative. The kids pair up with working filmmakers, all collaborating together with the aim of directing their own music video performances. In this way, audiovisual tools are used as a fundamental method to work on individual and group expression, providing the necessary tools for participants to innovate in the way they communicate their ideas.

At the end of each workshop, the children display their filmmaking creations on the big screen at local movie theaters and later share them online so everyone can see their art. Therefore, audiovisual is also an outcome, since the purpose is to produce a final product that can be displayed and distributed.

Target Audience

Kids from Los Angeles, New York and London who want to make short films and music videos.


  • To provide kids an opportunity to experiment creatively and develop new skills through collaboration with artists
  • Fostering an open and creative environment
  • Empowering children’s imagination

Skills developed

  • Video making/Filmmaking
  • Creativity
  • Expression and communication
  • Argumentation
  • Independence
  • Writing
  • Working with cameras
  • Creating special effects
  • Creating sets
  • Editing

Why is it a good practice in the visual area?

The project allows kids to develop filmmaking skills and learn about several topics, from working with cameras to directing and producing an entire music video. 

In this project, children have the opportunity to work closely with renowned music video directors and various other professionals in the area, learning techniques and developing tools that allow them to grab a camera and create their own music videos. In addition to improving their skills in the audiovisual area, the project also provides children a space to learn and develop their creativity, expression, argumentation, and independence. 

At the end of the project all participants are invited to share their videos with the community (both local and global) giving them the opportunity to see their projects on the big screen.

Training Team

  • Filmmakers and music video directors with recognised experience and the ability to develop workshops for kids.
  • Staff to look after the group of children, to keep the camp in order and avoid chaos.

Duration proposed

One week

Promoting Organization

OMG Everywhere (the project was first organized by Daniel Scheinert, Dan Kwan and Isaac Ravishankara for the editions in Los Angeles and New York, and with the collaboration of Juliette Larthe for the London edition).

Starting Year


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