Opera of All


Ópera de Todos (Opera of all) is a show that combines music, dance and video, resulting from the socially inclusive sessions held at CERCIGUI (Cooperative for Education and Rehabilitation of Citizens with Disabilities) in Guimarães, within the scope of European Capital of Culture 2012. The show brought together professional and amateur musicians, involving around 100 people, including CERCIGUI users, parents, staff and volunteers. The project’s main goal was to appeal for equal opportunities and show that culture is an open door to everyone.

Area of accessibility

SLD – Specific Learning Disorders

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

Ópera de Todos uses music sessions, workshops and events to socially include people with motor and cognitive disabilities, which include issues with speech, language, movement, information retention, among other difficulties that hinder the way people learn and interact with the world. 

The project is a way to show everyone (both to the community and to the project members themselves) that disability shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoy and participate in cultural practices. It seeks to be a space for sharing creative thoughts, where everyone can be part of the artistic universe.

The project shows that anyone can contribute to a new creation as a creative being, and that disability is not a barrier, the world we live in is. It shows how it is necessary to find new ways to live in society, where everyone can participate in an equal and dignified way. To do so, it was crucial to have a music director that was able to adapt to the participants specific needs, with the help of CERCIGUI staff and volunteers. 

It is an example of good practice in the Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), through the use of music as an essential tool in the cognitive, motor and sensory development of people with specific needs, as well as a way to bring users, parents, volunteers and employees of an institution such as CERCIGUI closer around the same goal, strengthening relationships between people. Several good practices were also used during the production of the show, such as guaranteeing the right conditions of accessibility in the space where the show was presented.

Promoting Organization

CERCIGUI (Cooperative for Education and Rehabilitation of Citizens with Disabilities) and Jorge Queijo (Multi instrumentalist and Music Director)

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