Project DIMPA


The project DIMPA funded by Erasmus+in 2018 includes free or financially accessible tools, not requiring particular skills and allowing to quickly produce high quality contents. These tools are accompanied by tutorials and are collected in toolkits with practical tips and guidelines dedicated to each technology:
Epub, Augmented printed material, interactive video, immersive video, augmented reality, virtual reality.

The main tool of DIMPA is available as Open Educational Resources at

Target Audience

General learners interested in digital publishing and technology interaction with media


Enhance digital content skills for learners and practitioners on EPUB 3, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Video 360°, Interactive Video and augmented printed materials

Skills developed

  • Digital skills
  • Creative skills
  • Software use

Why is it a good practice in the visual area?

DIMPA it is a free online Open Educational Resources on digital innovative media (interactive video, immersive video, augmented reality) that provides practical training in digital media publishing.

All the contents are OER (Open Educational Resources) and have a Creative Commons Licence so that they can be (re-)used.

Training team

Online resources that request one facilitator to navigate it with youth groups or learners. Available also to be consulted alone.

Duration proposed

Two days workshop minimum

Promoting Organization

Starting Year


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