Re-Discover Community


The aim of the project is to involve young people to rediscover their community, its culture and its traditions, through practical activities that use the tools of technology as vehicles for socialization and inclusion.

After a mapping of the key places or activities that characterize the culture of their village / valley (e.g. ancient ovens, wash houses, fountains, mountain pastures, …), through the involvement of the local community and cultural associations, the children will deepen, with the help of a historian, the social function of that place / activity in the various historical periods.

These reflections will flow, with the help of digital professionals, into photo / video content that will narrate the themes carried out and implemented in a specific APP developed into the framework of the container project named:


Target Audience

Mainly youngsters aged 15-20, but others age spans are possible.
Elders in the community as “informers”


The project will rediscover the places and the beauties of the territory, through the enhancement of the identity elements inherent in the local culture, which allow to activate and promote the sense of belonging and aggregation to the community from which the sense of active citizenship develops. within the community with a view to the transition to adulthood.

The reflections and digital media produced will be shared with the local community, through public meetings with local administrators and schools, as well as disseminated through the web and social channels of the territory. It will be possible to open a broad and shared reflection on the meaning of spaces and activities, with the function of stimulating the co-programming of community life.

Skills developed

  • Storytelling
  • Group work
  • Collaborative reflection
  • Audiovisuals skills (ideation, writing, filming, editing, sound, postproduction, etc.)
  • Intergenerational dialogue and sharing

Why is it a good practice in the visual area?

The project finds its value in the creation of interconnections between youngsters and elders, with the common goal of talking about and hend preserving local history and tradition, and with the development of specific narrative, writing, staging and audiovisual skills for all the participant. Furthermore the project can have relevant economic outcomes in little communities developing and enhancing touristics, meaningful and cultural paths in the territory.

Training team

  • Coordinator
  • Various experts (historians, audiovisuals technicians )

Duration proposed

From 6 months to a year

Promoting Organization

Progetto finanziato dall’Assessorato Istruzione, Università, Politiche giovanili, Affari europei e Partecipate con risorse regionali del Fondo per le politiche giovanili (LR 12/13)

Starting Year