These are musical workshops dedicated to cultures and worlds distant from those usually addressed in traditional educational paths: electronic music, Chinese, Albanian, Arabic and Peruvian. Each appointment takes place over a weekend. Generally all Saturday and Sunday morning are dedicated to the preparation of the show that will be staged at the end of the event. The working mode used is that of work in progress. The skills of all participants and the peculiarities that distinguish each ethnic group are pooled for the success of the exhibition. The goal is to make known from time to time the music in question, through the direct experience of one or more musicians belonging to the culture of reference.

Area of accessibility


Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

This project can be considered a good case because it uses music and dance as a common language for an exchange of skills and as a means of cultural integration. No special skills are required, but the subjects involved must be open to experimentation with good organizational skills and ability to network with the resources present in the area.


Regione Autonoma Valle d’ Aosta, Fondazione Maria Ida Viglino per la cultura musicale, SFOM (Scuola di Formazione ed orientamento musicale), CSV (Coordinamento Solidarietà Valle d’Aosta)