Rock with Everyone


Rock com Todos (Rock with Everyone) is a social inclusion project that aims to bring the positive effects of music to the entire population. Rock com Todos arises from the will to take the experience of Escola do Rock Paredes de Coura (School of Rock Paredes de Coura, an educational project of the Paredes de Coura Municipality) to more sectors of the population, extending it to people with no musical background and with different social and economical conditions. Rock com Todos promotes a series of workshops and activities for people from diverse age groups and social backgrounds, like seniors, children, citizens with specific cognitive or physical needs, or from economically deprived households.

Area of accessibility

Economic and social

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

The project emerges as a way to build a relationship between music and the community, aiming to make other projects – such as Escola do Rock (School of Rock) – more accessible to people who do not have easy access to culture, or who are in situations of social and economic disadvantage.

During the 2021 edition of the project Escola do Rock, Rock com Todos (Rock with All) tried to create exchange residencies with other music schools and local associations to bring the whole community into the stage and show that culture and rock are within everyone’s reach. 

Rock com Todos became a way to bring the local people closer to the students of Escola do Rock, in order to make the whole local population – from the elderly to people whose specific needs or economic and social situations kept them away from the cultural scene – feel part of a bigger project and connect with culture and rock music, regardless of their social/economic situation.

Throughout the year, the project organized music concerts that brought together more than 50 people on stage, from Escola do Rock students, to students from articulated music education and senior choirs. During this project, workshops to experiment different instruments were held for people of all ages and backgrounds, and Escola do Rock setlists and activities were adapted to include several participants in the show. 

Rock with Everyone has resulted in several free shows performed by the community and for the community, shaping Escola do Rock so that in the future it will not just be a school for young people but a project for the community.

Promoting Organization

Municipality of Paredes de Coura in collaboration with Rock’n’Cave Association

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