Vira Fest


Vira Fest (“Music Education Projects Forum”) is an event that brings together several schools and music education projects, in order to share experiences and reflect together on their role for the artistic development and social inclusion of different sectors of the population. Its emphasis lies on the exchange of knowledge and teaching methods between schools/projects, with a focus on non-formal music education. The concept of this event is that the schools/education projects turn into a festival  for young musicians (“Vira Fest” has no direct translation, but it means something similar to “turns into a festival” in Portuguese). 

At Vira Fest, the stage belongs to the students, trainers and staff of these music projects. The event has two main events:

1 – Conferences about best practices in music education

2 – Concert programme with showcases, rehearsals open to the public and a big final concert that results from a residency between music projects during the event. 

Target Audience

Both students and trainers from music schools and all members of any age from musical projects. Eventually also producers, board members of the schools/projects and music professionals.


  • Reflect on the role of schools and music projects in the social and cultural development of different sectors of the population
  • Allow amateur musicians to interact with professional musicians
  • Exchange innovative teaching methods in non-formal music education schools and projects
  • Create a connection between different age groups through their love for music
  • Show that creativity is an empowering tool
  • Allow participants to share their music experiences
  • Democratizing access to unique learning and performance spaces

Skills developed

  • Cultural values – respect for the cultural heritage of the different people and music projects
  • Companionship between students/participants from different schools and projects
  • New music and performance experience skills
  • Responsibility
  • Collaboration

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

Vira Fest is an event that promotes music creativity from 8 to 80 years old, allowing amateur and professional musicians, associated with diverse music education projects, to come together in an attempt to share knowledge and good practices in this area. 

This event brings together on stage people from all age groups, but focusing mostly on younger generations, in an attempt to encourage a 360-degree spin in the music scene, showing that all ages, instruments and music genres can co-exist on the most incredible stages, democratizing access to unique learning and performance spaces, sometimes only accessed by established artists in this industry. 

Through workshops, concerts and talks, participants have the opportunity to exchange experiences, learn about new topics in the world of music, create friendships and share knowledge about the best that music has to offer.

This allows youth to interact with people from different generations and backgrounds, creating shows that stimulate the creativity of all age groups and mix diverse music genres. 

Due to the great music diversity of the event’s participants, Vira Fest also manages to attract other types of audience, such as producers and board members of the participating schools and music projects – who show great interest in the concept of the event and the benefits it brings to their students/members – as well as music professionals who show interest in the conference panel and overall programme.

Suggestion: Using what you have learned about this case study, try to adapt the format of Vira fest to your area of expertise as a trainer. An encounter / forum between schools and education / creative projects is a very interesting format for sharing innovative methodologies in any creative field.

Training Team

  • One person responsible for the conference programme and other activities
  • One person responsible for representing each of the schools and musical groups
  • One person responsible for the students of the schools
  • A team of professional musicians responsible for directing the rehearsals and the creation of the final show.

Duration proposed

3 days

Starting Year


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