VISIONI IN MOVIMENTO is a European-wide format that, involving local film industries, will produce two new audiovisual products at each edition, with the aim of telling the known and lesser-known places crossed by the project and promoting them outside the regions, while maintaining in its possible variation in itinere an ethical and contemporary approach.

The format provides for the continuous training of young authors towards cinema en plein air and cinema on the move, an innovative format and professional training that can be re-marketed in many artistic and working fields.

From the concept of a methodology of teaching audiovisuals “on the move” and “by walking”  has been derived the definition of “The School of Cinema without chairs”

The School of Cinema without chairs is a training course in the double sense of the word, the lessons will take place on the way and will be animated by film professionals who will be available to the selected authors and to the participants who will enroll at the school to participate in the lessons. Everything will be shared, every moment of the day will represent the continuous confrontation between tutors and young authors in training.

Target Audience

Young filmmakers from 18 years old.


– A solid knowledge in all phases of an audiovisual production:

  • Writing 
  • Directing
  • Lighting
  • Acting
  • Filming
  • Sound recording
  • Post producing

– An improved and fresh creativity process by the “doing in walking” methodology
– sharing between professionals
– sharing between people
– Outcomes in visibility and communication  for the territories crossed

Why is it a good practice in the visual area?

The project value resides in itd method of approach, in which the development of an audiovisual product is strictly bond to the territories in which the project is held and the creativity and workflow is continuously interfered by the practice of learning and producing “by walking”. During the one week long  walk the team of professionals will be all the time with the authors, sharing thoughts, knowledge, experience and everyday life, inferring and continuously adapting the project to the surrounding reality and the shared experience which is all the time different and new, giving a broad spectrum of freshness in writing and defining the actual shooting and producing of te final audiovisual project.

Training Team that is necessary to implement the activities

  • Solid Coordination structure
  • A solid team of Various experts in the fields of interest

Duration proposed

  • One week of Learning by walking Walk Workshop
  • One week of Shooting by walking
  • One week of production and post production

Promoting Organization

Culture Attive association (Trieste ITALY)

Starting Year