Audiovisual toolbox

A comprehensive and growing list of state of the art audiovisual TOOLS which you can introduce into your workflow to solve or deal with the most common and with the most innovative tasks or needs you can encounter in your work with students and youngsters.


All-in-one solution for professional grade audiovisual editing, color correction and post production, motion graphics, and publishing. In it’s base license it’s complete and can do basically anything you need for an audiovisual production, payed license add-ons it’s necessary for very specific and advanced/professional use cases. Could be used in classrooms as topic and tool for teaching audiovisual editing.


Kdenlive is an open source video editor that can fulfill the needs for a simple video production up to some more complex use cases with multitrack video editing, large number of  audio and video formats accepted, basic titler and transitions maker. 

OBS - Open Broadcast Software

OBS is a free and open source software for managing and streaming audiovisuals sources and materials, useful for creating audiovisuals ecosystems for recording or streaming in realtime to every web platform.
It could be useful even at a “local” level, using the software as a directing tool in which you can organize scenes and transitions making presentations or digital scenography appealing and easy. 



Online and local APP for creating whiteboard animations that can be edited and exported as video files
Useful for presentations, or to create fun and animated lessons,  but it could be used in creative ways to create storytelling and little animations. Has a large library of assets but you can integrate your own designs.


CABLES.GL is a new WebGL-based tool for building out and compositing real-time VFX looks and interactive experiences.  It runs right in the browser, and it uses a node graph approach which permits fast prototyping and fast feedback approach. The web based interface is very handy and the programming ecosystem could lead from simples but compelling results up to professional and complex patches. A growing and collaborative community of users makes the learning curve and number of examples and applications greater every day



Touchdesigner is a node-based audiovisual programming environment which can aim to a plethora of differents outcomes, from 3d to 2d results, use of sensors, connections with sensors and different programming languages and protocols (midi, OSC, audio, NDI, GLSL, Etc) you can create realtime applications and audiovisual installations, render video and animations, create your own filters and effects, drive lights, lasers, or DMX devices, create videomapping, and more.
Its graphical interface permits fast development and prototyping and a fast growing community of users and teachers makes easy to find examples and tutorial for any type of use cases. Could be a flexible and rich tool for any didactical project.



vvvv is a visual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously.



MAX MSP is an object based programming environment for creating interactive software.
Very used in Audio,Music and Sound Design, it is a very flexible platform that can implement different sources into the same environment leading to different and flexible outcomes. It is popular in various didactical or teaching institutions due to its inherent flexibility and used in performance, research, analysis in the audiovisual context. 

Licence based, with a lot of possibilities and special prices for educational institutions, teachers and students.


A powerful  motion capture app that lets you animate, edit and delivery various characters animations filming yourself with a webcam and recording audio as well.

Adobe paying subscription with teachers, institutions and student discount


STOP MOTION STUDIO is a powerful app aimed to create stop motion animation with a lot of features. It’s a cross-platform APP running on multiple types of devices making easier to create animations in various contexts and situations. Available for iPhone, iPad, and macOS as well as Android, Windows, Chromebook, and Amazon Fire devices.
You can add sound, music, effects to your project and export and distribute your video creations.


Simpler and free Chrome extension for creating Stop Motion animations.