AIACE TORINO Didactical Program


Aiace Torino’s courses are aimed at schools of all types and grades, following three main lines of intervention that deal with cinema such as: LANGUAGE, INSTRUMENT, ACTION.
Following this direction, cinema becomes a TOOL for addressing curricular subjects (history, literature, art, science) from another perspective, drawing on particularly illustrative sequences to set up lessons.

As a LANGUAGE, cinema is investigated both for its way of narrating (and narrating itself), and as an artistic expression with its codes and its aesthetics.

Finally, the cinema is proposed as ACTION with the possibility of setting lessons according to the learning by doing methodology.

In this way, students (and their teachers) have the opportunity to deal with the professions of cinema, both behind the camera (with a view to making movies that follow the design and post-production phases of an audiovisual product), and acquiring the critical spirit necessary for the profession of film critic. The courses follow the cooperative learning methodology and promote teamwork on the one hand and the possibility of cooperative learning on the other, where everyone brings their knowledge and skills and puts them online.

Target Audience

From kids of 4 years old to youngsters up to 20/24 years old.
Every school grade.

Skills developed

  • Storytelling
  • Group work
  • Collaborative reflection
  • Audiovisuals skills (ideation, writing, filming, editing, sound, postproduction, etc.)

Why is it a good practice in the area

he approach proposed by the courses of AIACE has the value to investigate and utilize the audiovisual language in different declinations.

Particularly interesting approaches developed by the project are:

HISTORY SEEN AS NEVER BEFORE: a course for addressing historical periods or days that have entered historical memory through the re-presentation and analysis of cinematic sequences of films.

  • Single lesson of 2 hrs.
  • For kids and youngsters from 14 to 19 years old

In agreement with the teacher, it is possible to plan the lesson by deepening a historical period or a significant moment in ancient, modern or contemporary history so that the cinema acts as a tool to deepen didactic aspects. The course can also be used for other subjects such as: literature, art, scientific subjects.


In an era of the selfie generation, cinema becomes a means to tell about oneself and to tell one’s school reality. The course structured in 5 meetings is aimed at junior high school students and provides guidelines for creating an audiovisual diary in which children are at the center of the narration.

  • 5 lessons of 2 hrs.
  • For kids from 11 to 13 years old

Training Team

Various experts in the fields of interest 

Duration proposed

Variables lengths in relation to the course chose

Promoting Organization

AIACE Torino

Starting Year