ARTE DELLA CONDIVISIONE – The ART of SHARING is a project in which art and audiovisuals meet together for the creation of an experience-based path from creation to a public audiovisual display.
The project is aimed at the different age-stages of life (childhood –  adolescence – mature/old) and comprehending people with specific psychological disorders. Every group of participants is attending a specific art laboratory with contents defined by age and related to specific group abilities. The outcomes of the laboratories are art and creative pieces and the creative process and group work itself. 

All the activities and the processes are filmed in situation and will compose an animated visual art piece which is then  staged in the form of a video mapped public display in the city center, on a meaningful building facade such as the public library for 7 nights.

Area of accessiblity

Social Accessibility and Personal Motivation

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

The project finds its value in its experiential method, which connects people of the same age and different experiences in the creational process of making art, and in the further public display in magnitude of the outcomes and the process in a relevant and central place of the city, giving presence, responsability, sharing, identity and value to every participant inside the process. Furthermore, the team of psychologists in overview of the project can inlight in this specific intimate and shared context and with different groups of people,  the Mental Health Wellness topic, which is often a difficult topic to talk about with the collectiveness due to non-recognition, social stigma, shame, but that is very present , even more after the pandemic years we’ve all experienced.

Promoting Organization

Ordine degli Psicologi Valle d’Aosta / Aosta Valley’s Psychologist Order 

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