Creative learning activities

The rise of digital technologies is having a huge impact on the children who are growing up using devices which their parents didn’t have, and who also need to learn many different skills linked to these changing technologies. However, the way we teach in most schools has not very much adapted to these evolutions. The work of youth trainers can be very important there in implementing new methods, especially as these new technologies offer many new opportunities which are often not used in the classrooms.

In this part, we will highlight two different sections for the activities. The first one will be focused on creative activities meant to learn science or technology topics (e.g. coding) in an innovative and playful way. The second one will cover creative activities which are performed to raise the awareness of youngsters on complex societal topics.

Science/Technology topics

MakerConvent FORMALAB

The MakerConvent is a dynamic maker lab located in the Sant Agustí Convent Civic Centre in Barcelona. It is one of the most unique and original maker spaces in the city of Barcelona.

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Play2Learn project

The Play2Learn project develops educational content and lesson plans, supported by a do-it-yourself computer kit, to improve teaching efficiency and develop competences of teachers…

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Societal topics


The Museum of the History of Immigration in Catalonia (MhiC) is a small local museum with a clear educational vocation for citizens, where the creation of the Heritage Fund is open and participatory.

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