Multiplier Event (Portugal): Spreading creativity and innovation in Paredes de Coura

On September 27th, the Multiplier Event: Creative Solutions for a Complex Context was held at Elevadora (Paredes de Coura, Portugal) as part of Trainers4Creativity dissemination activities.

This event brought together a diverse group of participants, including students, teachers, and youth workers from EPRAMI, a professional local school in Paredes de Coura, which is one of the project’s key stakeholders. During the event, the project materials were presented and discussed.

The Trainers4Creativity project is a cutting-edge initiative focused on fostering creativity, innovation, and skills development among youth and youth workers in the cultural and creative areas. It aims to provide valuable resources and training materials that empower individuals to think creatively and address real-world challenges effectively.

The multiplier event held at Elevadora served as a platform to showcase the project’s progress and outcomes. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with the materials developed as part of the project, gaining insights into innovative teaching and learning methods that can significantly impact educational outcomes. These resources are designed to equip youth workers and their youngsters with tools and strategies to nurture creativity in different settings and contexts.



Elevadora, known for its commitment to supporting innovative projects, was an ideal setting for this event. It provided an inspiring backdrop that encouraged attendees to think outside the box and embrace new approaches taking into account the areas of the project: creativity, accessibility and digitalization. 

The stakeholders active involvement in the project reaffirms the importance of such initiatives in modern education. As a professional school committed to excellence, Eprami recognizes the value of fostering creativity and critical thinking among its students.

The multiplier event at Elevadora not only celebrated the progress of the Trainers4Creativity project but also inspired all participants to continue their efforts in shaping a more innovative and dynamic future. 

For more information about the resources developed, check our Training Kits and Case Studies


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