Multiplier Event (Spain): Sharing new approaches to creativity in Barcelona

The multiplier event in Spain took place on the 29 of September in the Sant Agustí Convent Civic Centre, in Barcelona, in cooperation with our great associated and best practice partner Maker Convent

CEPS presented resources and best practices created by Trainers 4 Creativity partners to an audience of educators and youth workers, discussing new approaches to creativity having in mind topics such as accessibility, digitalisation and audiovisual possibilities. The project structure, its complexity, and its potential use was part of the discussion. Best practice and all T4C kits were showcased to the public.

A specific session was dedicated to showcase the video of the Creative Camp to reflect with the participants on the possibility of this kind of activities, focusing especially on the skills upgrade offered to youth and youth workers by this kind of international exchange and creative approaches.

Together with Trainers 4 Creativity a parallel presentation was dedicated to go through the results of MakerABC, an erasmus project focused on the fascinating world of the makers glossary.

The meeting was also useful to set up a first reflection group about the open possibility to apply new and innovative methodologies of education through the use of science and art.

For more information about the resources developed, check our Training Kits and Case Studies

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