MURAL connects teams with a digital whiteboard and collaboration features designed to inspire innovation.

Main features:

  • Sticky notes & text: Add thoughts, ideas, and feedback for further action.
  • Shapes & connectors: Build diagrams to map out complex workflows.
  • Icons: Search an extensive icon library to build a visual story.
  • Frameworks: Organize content and ideas to uncover insights.
  • Images & GIFs: Drag and drop visuals to enhance a collaboration session.
  • Drawing: Maximize creativity with freehand sketching and writing.

Target Audience

Any participant in a dynamic and collaborative training session (students, trainers).


Foster cooperation in a training session, maximize creativity and facilitate the peer learning process in a dynamic way.

Skills developed

  • Communication
  • Cooperation & Teamwork
  • Problem-solving (through brainstorming)
  • Creativity
  • Management & Organization

Why is it a good practice in the digital area?

It allows participants in a meeting to collaborate and visualize contributions that can foster cooperation, maximize creativity and facilitate the peer learning process in a dynamic way.

It is especially indicated for online events

Training Team

It is easily adapted to the different contexts:

  • Split teams: Two or more co-located teams collaborate between defined locations. 
  • Hybrid teams: One co-located team collaborates with remote participants. 
  • Remote teams: No central location, everyone is 100% remote.


The training team must analyze the target public of the training session and adapt the best format according to the timetable of the different participants.

For example, the coordinator of the training session must take into account the different Time Zones of the participants in order to get an efficient result. Here, in the image below  it is shown how according to the different time zones, the format of the meeting should follow a hybrid style, as there is not a combination where all participants can participate at the same time.

Duration proposed

Any duration, as it will depend on the purpose of the meeting/training session.

Promoting Organization

MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. This company tries to change the way people work, learn and collaborate together, whoever and wherever they are. 

They are  55+ people spread across offices in Silicon Valley, Buenos Aires, and New Jersey.

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Prizes/recognition received

Many awards received under G2 (Award-Winning Best Software Product):

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