PARCO DELLA LETTURA Morgex  / The Reading Park  Morgex was designed and set up with the aim of creating a space for everyone, with the aim of promoting the greatest possible inclusiveness and improving accessibility.

The accessibility of the Park expresses the desire to translate the full participation of children with disabilities, like others, in playful, recreational and leisure activities into a concrete right, as enshrined in the UN Convention on the rights of people with disabilities.


All the paths of the Park are accessible by wheelchair and pushchair. The game installations have been designed to ensure maximum accessibility and inclusiveness.


Special audio supports have been prepared (downloadable in the Park via QRcode or on this website) to facilitate the use of games by blind and visually impaired people, and to ensure greater well-being for those with dyslexia, who benefit greatly from a mediated reading.

In the Park, the key words of all the games are also available in Braille.

The graphics of the panels in the Park and the website were created following the indications and suggestions of the Italian Dyslexia Association.

Special videos have been prepared in LIS (Italian sign language) to facilitate the use of the games and access to “guide books” by deaf people.


 The games were also briefly presented in CAA. At the Sapegno Foundation it is also possible to book and collect further support in Widgit symbols designed to facilitate access to the Park and use of the games.

Area of accessibility

Social Economic Accessibility and Physical disabilities


Schmiede Hallein:

  • Promote and stimulate the creativity of the participants.
  • Allow participants to share ideas, projects and experiences.
  • Create a networking community so participants can meet other creatives and other projects, developing their own ideas by working together.


Mini Schmiede:

  • Instill an optimistic STEM mindset in children by getting them to do activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Promote children’s independence, creativity, and social skills.
  • Explore relationships positively, reducing technical fears of contact.
  • Promote activities related to physical technology and handcrafts (such as building robots) disconnecting children from the computers and tablets.

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

By the pretext of creating a reading space for everybody, the value of the project is to create a “real place” made accessible for everybody, in which everyone can access to a specific set of tools, activities, games and facilities already-made accessible.
In this context the park’s further quality is that anyone can even develop his own project in an outdoor and accessibility friendly environment without struggling for making other places accessible, and developing hence a broader sense of community.

Promoting Organization

Morgex city Council 

Foundation for historical and literature studies Natalino Sapegno

Starting Year