SportivaMente - Outdoor education experience


The SportivaMENTE project is addressed to about twenty participants, primarily to the girls & boys from 14 to 20 years.

The goal is to create a dynamic and active group in the outdoors Education corroborated with activities to approach also photography and digital communication during the path. 

The project is focused actively in the theme of Outdoor Education, hence in enhancing  knowledge and develop skills, through a lot of different outdoor activities:

  • Knowledge and awareness of one’s body, balance and movement through dance (street-dance) as an instrument of socialization.
  • Free body based movement activities, such as climbing, orienteering, slackline, are provided to develop balance, perception and to stimulate motorials skills and coordination
  • There are sessions of reflection and listening in small or larger groups helded in nature with the aim of helping participants to have more awareness and sharing of one’s own emotional experience.
  • All the activities could be varied or tailor made to the groups interests or skill but the main focus is always to develop awareness of the mind-body connection and enhancing skills for the identification and proper management of stress, with particular focus on the school and relational field, aimed at improving relationships and promoting inclusion.


 The project is an opportunity to get closer to the world of nature with the opportunity to experiment and get involved in it also through activities of exploration and knowledge of the environment, and even with mountain donkey rides and care of the animals themselves in the stables.

Area of accessibility

Physical / Motivational


Foster cooperation in a training session, maximize creativity and facilitate the peer learning process in a dynamic way.

Skills developed

  • Communication
  • Cooperation & Teamwork
  • Problem-solving (through brainstorming)
  • Creativity
  • Management & Organization

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

The key of the project is the use of the environment and outdoors experiences  as a learning platform.
All outdoor experiences proposed beside being a specific training in some basic body abilities are also a pretext to talk and develop social and emotional skills due to the group work and collaboration needed to succeed in the activities. it’a a project that aims to take care of the mind and body of the participants, all in their teen ages, so a moment in life crucial to a healthy, mindful and rich development of their own personality and social skills and relationships. The audiovisual and digital communication of the project helded by participants themselves, it’s another plus of the project leading to awareness in narrations of themselves and others, while acquiring some skills in the area of expertise as well.

Training Team

  • 2 Outdoor Education Teachers
  • 1 Audiovisual/Communication Teacher
  • 1 Professional educator
  • 1 Psychologist
  • 1 Break Dance Teacher

Aside the activities in the project the participants also develop their own multimedia and audiovisuals contents to share on web, guided by the professional audiovisual teacher involved.

Promoting Organization

TerraTerra association / Esprisarvadzo association with the contribution of Aosta Valley region Avviso pubblico “2-2021” progetto finanziato dall’Assessorato Istruzione, Università, Politiche giovanili,Affari europei e Partecipate con risorse regionali del Fondo per le politiche giovanili (LR 12/13)

Starting Year


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