Valleys's Trilogy


The project was held in the village of Monção (Portugal) in 2017 to tell the history of this territory through music, image and poetry. The project involved more than 150 people aged between 12 and 80 from various local institutions such as retirement homes, day care centers, music groups, among others. The goal of the project was to involve several generations around the same goal through music and creativity, encouraging their active participation, critical thinking and creativity throughout the project development. The project resulted in a show for the entire community that brought together the most diverse stories and collective memories of the people and the places of the village.

Area of accessibility

Personal Motivation

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

Valleys’s Trilogy is a project that encourages new ways to promote cultural and creative practices in low density territories, working closely with the community. It is based on the belief that any territory is fertile in life and stories, and can be the starting point to work on new creative and innovative projects, where the community is a main motor and agent. 

Being a low density territory, Monção has a high percentage of aging population. Through the project, participants have developed various social and creative skills, which help them to stay active and involved in the community and the territory’s day-to-day life. 

By living in an area of low population density, the members of this project had a low level of motivation to participate in events related to culture and creativity. Valleys’s Trilogy helped in this sense, allowing the population of these area to show their own creations (such as poems, songs, handicrafts, stories, etc.) and integrate a creative project that increases their motivation and shows that culture is not forgotten in territories like Monção. 

It is a project that preserves the identity and memories of Monção, fighting the forgetfulness that smaller territories are sometimes subject, valuing the population and the creative manifestations that can happen there, based on their own history and traditions. It is also a project that brings music and artistic activities to places like retirement homes or day care centers, where people sometimes feel more isolated and are not exposed so often to cultural and creative activities. 

The Valleys’s Trilogy is a good case study in the area of Personal Motivation, because it allows people less connected to culture to expose their creative side, at the same time it allows them to widen their contact network and develop key skills for their daily life, such as expressing themselves easily in different situations, communication, teamwork, among others. The project reinforces a personal and inner motivation, because people feel their abilities are valued and understand that creativity lives inside everyone.

Promoting Organization

Municipality of Monção and Space Ensemble.

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