Capito was one of the first companies to develop a dedicated software, Capito Digital, to analyze the complexity of sentences and propose alternatives according to the level of complexity desired. The software can be used to analyze texts for digital or printed publications to improve their inclusivity. There are three targets for which this is particularly important: persons with cognitive disabilities, foreigners (refugees for example) or persons from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. 

Area of accessibility

Specific Learning Disorders / Economic & Social 

Why is it a good practice in the accessibility area?

Improving the understandability of communication is becoming an increasingly important axis in accessibility. The concepts of “Plain” language and “Easy Read” language are now widely followed by governments, schools or companies to ensure that more people understand their communication. For instance, in the US, with passage of The Plain Language Act, all federal Government communication must follow the Plain language specifications.

However, writing in “Easy Read” or “plain” language can be challenging for anyone as it can be far from our writing habits, and what is considered “good” in writing. Many best practices can be found to follow these styles but using a dedicated tool like Capito Digital offers many advantages. First, it is easy to use as you can just import your text and directly update it according to the recommendations it proposes. Moreover, it allows one to have an unbiased opinion on the accessibility level of the writing and to update the text according to the language level of people you want to reach (A1, A2 or B1).


Capito is an established company which has worked with many well-known public and private organizations in german-speaking countries (Allianz, Caritas and several German and Austrian institutions). They are partly funded by the European Union and members of the Erasmus+ program “Capito! Compris! Understood!” to improve comprehensibility and accessibility in English, Italian and French (they have focused on German so far).

Capito has also won the EU funded ‘European Innovation Accelerator’ award in 2022 which is another important recognition of the value and quality of their services.