Eye Harp

The development of this revolutionary music technology began in 2010.

The instrument is designed so that those diagnosed with conditions such as cerebral palsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, upper limb amputation, or spinal cord injury can continue to learn and play music with their eyes. It is also suitable for people with intellectual deficits.

EyeHarp is the only instrument that can be played using only the eyes of the performer. To play this instrument, musicians simply need to install the software and use it with an eye tracker camera. Then, by looking at the notes, represented on the screen within a colorful circle similar to a pie chart, artists can create and play their own music.
EyeHarp can be downloaded for free with other pricing options available for the full version.Within the inclusive experience, music constitutes a “fundamental and universal component of human experience, which offers a symbolic and relational space conducive to the activation of cooperation and socialization processes, the acquisition of tools of knowledge, the enhancement of creativity and participation, to the development of the sense of belonging to a community, as well as the interaction between different cultures” (Ministerial Decree 139/07- All. 2)

In conclusion, active musical experience represents an extremely effective tool, a universal language capable of promoting inclusion, communication and the maturation of social and cultural skills for everyone, regardless of the conditions of social, economic, cultural, or the presence of specific disabilities.