Lumière in the Classroom


Lumière na Sala de Aula (Lumière in the Classroom) is a pedagogical project proposed by AO NORTE to be implemented in schools, aimed at students from Elementary School, High School and College.

Aiming to make cinema more present in schools, in order to raise students’ awareness for this creative area and inspire their passion for filmmaking, the project follows a plan that allows students to learn about:

  • The invention of the cinematograph by the Lumière Brothers;
  • View films by the Lumière Brothers;
  • Create scripts and make short films following the Lumière Brothers model (one-minute films with a single shot);
  • Filming the scripts and publishing the films on Lugar do Real – a website for publishing and viewing documentaries, school films and videos, and documentary photography, made available for educational, research and cultural purposes.

Target Audience

Students from Elementary School, High School and College


  • Bring cinema to schools.
  • Allow students to learn about the techniques used by the Lumière brothers.
  • Show students the different processes of creating and recording a film.
  • Allow students to create their own films following the techniques used by the Lumière cinema.
  • Development of audiences for cinema from an early age.

Skills developed

  • Audiovisuals skills
  • Cinema techniques
  • Creativity
  • Storytelling
  • Teamwork
  • Collaborative reflection

Why is it a good practice in the visual area?

This project aims to sensitize students from several schools to the creative process of filmmaking, with the main objective of addressing the narrative, educating for cinema through contact with audiovisual language and providing a space for creation, experimentation and learning, using audiovisual tools as a method to stimulate young people’s creativity and enhance different ways of expressing themselves and communicating.

Through the viewing of the Lumière brothers’ films, students are challenged to learn about the techniques of filmmaking and the different phases of preparing and shooting a film, in order to understand the creative and technical process, by analyzing the strategies and methods chosen in the adaptation of the story’s imagery.

The project also features a practical part that invites students to create their own films inspired by the techniques used by the Lumière brothers, using audiovisual also as an outcome. This component, in addition to theory, allows students to develop creative and argumentative skills while creating their own film, also enhancing their sense of collaborative reflection and teamwork.

Training Team

A person with a degree in cinema who helps students understand filmmaking techniques and the processes used in each film. The practical part of the project can also be done by this person or by another person with experience in the audiovisual area.

Duration proposed

Depends on the teacher’s willingness to release class time for the activity. It usually lasts from 3 to 10 hours.

Promoting Organization


Starting Year