Play2Learn project

The Play2Learn project develops educational content and lesson plans, supported by a do-it-yourself computer kit, to improve teaching efficiency and develop competences of teachers…

LIM – Less Is More

LIM is a project launched by “le Groupe Ouest” in which the “production limitations” (budget limitation, logistic limitations, etc..) are re-worked, re-invented and treated to be used as a ”tool”.


The aim is to create a dynamic and active group in which the participants can develop social and practical abilities fundamental for their daily independent life.


ARTE DELLA CONDIVISIONE – The ART of SHARING is a project in which art and audiovisuals meet together for the creation of an experience-based path from creation to a public audiovisual display.


PARCO DELLA LETTURA Morgex / The Reading Park Morgex was designed and set up with the aim of creating a space for everyone, with the aim of promoting the greatest possible inclusiveness…

Visioni in movimento 

VISIONI IN MOVIMENTO è un format di respiro europeo che, coinvolgendo le industrie cinematografiche locali, realizzerà ad ogni edizione due nuovi prodotti audiovisivi, con l’obiettivo di raccontare il mondo noto e meno noto…


The goal is to create a dynamic and active group in the outdoors Education corroborated with activities to approach…

Certified Digital Accessibility Training Project

The project aims to develop specialized digital accessibility training and accessible e-learning platform to improve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of diverse groups of key stakeholders.